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Ms. Donna K. Stone holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Western Kentucky University, with a major in Sociology and a minor in Anthropology in 1985.  She received a Master’s degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology from Northern Illinois University (NIU) in 1988.  While at NIU, she was involved with large-scale archeological excavations in Honduras including the Copán Mosaics Project, Copán Archeological Project and the Copán Acropolis Archeological Project (PAAC).  She also worked for the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) as Excavations Director of Structure 10L-16 for PAAC II.  In a separate project for IHAH, Ms. Stone was an Archival Research Assessor.

Ms. Stone was originally employed full-time by ESI from 1990-1998.  Her promotion to Laboratory Supervisor in January 1991 was immediately subsequent to fieldwork at the Cabildo and at Beka Plantation and coincided with the beginning of excavations at the Pump Canal site and within Holy Cross.  All four of these projects generated massive artifact collections that required rapid processing so that analysis could proceed on schedule.  Ms. Stone immediately established a detailed inventory and checklist system to insure that the collections were being processed and prepared for analysis and curation as efficiently as possible.  As Laboratory Supervisor, Ms Stone processed materials from over sixty projects.  In addition to preparing artifacts for local analysts, Ms. Stone ensured that samples (e.g. pollen, macrobotanical, shell, phytolith, and radiocarbon) and material such as bone were processed quickly so that out-of-state analysts could receive the material in a timely manner.  She also reorganized the lab and the exterior shed to maximize storage space.

In addition to the aforementioned collections, she handled the large assemblages from Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation, 726-728 Toulouse Street, and Orange Grove Plantation as well as smaller collections from intensive survey of 2,745 acres at Fort Polk, intensive survey along LA Highway 8, intensive survey for the US Highway 84 improvement, monitoring at the U.S. Customs House, testing at Darrow (16AN54), NRHP testing at Wilton Plantation, intensive survey at Buena Vista Plantation, testing for the Ouachita River Bridge at Sterlington, intensive survey of U.S. Highway 190 in St. Tammany Parish and archeological data recovery at the Bayou des Familles site (16JE218), the Camino site (16JE223), and the Birds Creek site (16CT416).  The last three of these, while not extremely large collections in terms of total number of artifacts, required the laboratory processing of numerous flotation samples and meticulous provenience control.

In addition, Ms. Stone has training in Land-Use Histories in support of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste initial (Phase I) assessments as well as Environmental Phase I Site Assessment.  She has served as Project Manager on several land use histories for the NODCOE under Contract DACW29-94-D-0020 including Land-Use History for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Control Project, Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, Louisiana, as well as a Peer Review of National Register Evaluation of Keystone Lock and Dam.

Ms. Stone left ESI in 1998.  From 1998 to 2001 she was employed as the State Ethnographer for the Republic of the Marshall Islands Historic Preservation Office (RMI HPO).  She also served as the acting Director of the Alele Museum, Library, and National Archives.  From 2002 until 2011, Ms. Stone was the Executive Director of the Pennyroyal Area Museum in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  She also helped launch two annex museums (the Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum and the Jackson Circus Museum).

Ms. Stone returned to ESI in January 2012 as Research Coordinator providing support to the Project Managers by ensuring coordination of all research tasks (e.g., background and archival investigations, laboratory analyses) and facilitating report production.  Since her return she has helped coordinate the production of several management summaries including Management Summary for Phase I and Phase II Archeological Investigations at 16OR491 (City Square 466), 16OR494 (City Square 437), 16OR496 (City Square 433), and the Management Summary Phase I Investigations for the Proposed Slave Cabin Reconstructions Oak Alley Plantation (16SJ53) in St. James Parish, Louisiana, as well as the Addendum for the NRHP Evaluation of Wedell Park, the Outdoor Hall of Fame, and Associated Objects (Phase I/II Archeological Investigations at the Proposed Site of the Canal Boulevard Transit Terminal at Charity Hospital Cemetery No.2 (16OR108).  

Project Manager

& Senior Researcher

Donna K. Stone, M.A., RPA