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Mrs. Eylene Parrish started her career in Archaeology when she began attendance at Mississippi State University (MSU) in 2001.  In 2002, Mrs. Parrish obtained the position of Archaeology Lab Technician at the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, located on MSU's campus.  In this position, Mrs. Parrish acquired the skills and knowledge of proper artifact processing, i.e. washing, sorting, cataloging, flotation, and inventorying.  Mrs. Parrish also participated in the 2005 MSU Archaeological Field School where she participated in both a five-week Phase I survey and a five-week Phase II excavation.  During the Phase II portion, she assisted in the excavation of three prehistoric sites in the Tombigbee National Forest in north-central Mississippi.  In addition, Mrs. Parrish also served as an archaeological field technician on several excavations in Lincoln and Oktibbeha counties, Mississippi.  With the experience obtained from fieldwork in the undergraduate program at MSU, Mrs. Parrish was invited on several occasions to be a guest lecturer at public schools in Copiah, Oktibbeha, and Scott counties, Mississippi.  Here, she discussed basic archaeological facts, the principles of Phase I, II, and III investigations, and the educational requirements needed to pursue a career in archaeology.  It was also at MSU where she was introduced to geographic information system (GIS) software such as ESRI ArcGIS.  Through attending GIS classes, she acquired the skills and knowledge to apply the software to the field of archaeology.  Mrs. Parrish even led a group class project to identify suitable locations within the state of Mississippi to grow bio-fields such as switchgrass.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from MSU in 2006, Mrs. Parrish was employed by Earth Search Inc. (ESI), New Orleans, Louisiana, as a Cultural Resources Research Assistant.  While employed at ESI, Mrs. Parrish has worked on numerous Phase I archaeological surveys in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, Phase II investigations in Louisiana and Texas, and Phase III in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Also, while working at ESI, Mrs. Parrish has served as Assistant Project Manager for several projects such as Mississippi State Route 9 (SR 9) Phase I survey in Pontotoc County in 2009, and on the I-12 to Bush Corridor Study in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana in 2010.

Mrs. Parrish has also performed several other duties at ESI.  Since 2007, she has conducted geomorphological research for reports and co-authored many of ESI's archaeological reports.  In 2011, Mrs. Parrish assumed the role of assistant report coordinator where she assists with the processing and preparation of archaeological data and graphics for technical reports for state, federal and private clients.  In addition, Mrs. Parrish is also ESI's webmaster, maintaining and updating the company's website.  Currently, Mrs. Parrish's main duty at ESI is of GIS Specialist.  Her knowledge in GIS is from a combination of her studies at MSU, and on-site training and experience.  She has also completed and received an ESRI certificate for attending a workshop on "Working with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst" in 2012.  As GIS Specialist, her responsibilities include pre- and post-processing of GIS data, maintaining and operating ESI's GPS equipment, and generating horizontal and vertical datasets for site analysis using a Total Station.  She also assists the architectural department by georeferencing historic maps, such as historic topographic maps, to help locate and identify possible historic structures.

GIS Specialist


Assistant Project Manager