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Get to know Earth Search, Inc.

Earth Search, Inc. (ESI) is a cultural resource management firm, the principals and associates of which are archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, and architectural historians committed to preservation of the information contained in the prehistoric and historic archaeological record.  Earth Search was incorporated in September 1986 in order to establish a firm that allows fuller expression of the intellectual interests and talents of the members of field and laboratory teams and to place greater emphasis on careful excavation and rigorous analysis than is usually the case in the private sector.  We believe that cultural resources management should be practiced in accordance with the same high standards usually observed in an academic setting.

Although Earth Search is a firm in the private sector, we maintain close ties with faculty and advanced degree candidates at Tulane University and the University of New Orleans.  Our academic ties help us to maintain an awareness of technical and theoretical advances.  We recognize that our first responsibility is to provide reports of the highest quality and sound recommendations to our clients, but we are also committed to presenting the results of work both to professional audiences and to the public.  This latter commitment was a primary stimulus to the formation of Earth Search.

Although we appreciate the fragile nature of archaeological resources, we also recognize that often clients face financial limitations and scheduling constraints when complying with laws regarding cultural resources.  We believe in working closely with contracting and review agencies to arrive at decisions regarding the protection and treatment of the sites so that the requirements of diverse parties are recognized while the value of the irreplaceable cultural resources is not forgotten.  Through our considerable experience, we have learned to successfully balance the needs of preservation and development to everyone's benefit.  Earth Search understands the frustrations of crisis management, and we make every effort to anticipate potential situations before they become expensive and disruptive problems.  Earth Search, as a small business, merges its years of experience in conducting all phases of cultural resource management with an awareness of sound cost control and completion of projects on schedule.

Earth Search has established a track record of excellence in cultural resources consulting during its 26 years in business in Louisiana.  ESI's cultural resources projects are conducted in a manner consistent with the Secretary of the Interior's "Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation" (48 FR 44716-44740) or the Secretary of the Interior's "Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties" (36 CFR 68).

The vast majority of our work has been prompted by the Section 106 process (NHPA).  This includes both Federal undertakings by agencies such as the New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers, the FHWA, FEMA, and the National Park Service, as well as non-federal undertakings which have required federal permits, particularly wetland permitting (404 Permits) or involved federal funding.  We take pride in the fact that we have never had a site assessment overturned, and that our reports have been praised by reviewers for thoroughness and clarity.  ESI is thoroughly familiar with the Section 106 review process, and nine of our senior staff members have taken the ACHP's Introduction to Section 106 Review course.  Three senior staff members have taken the ACHP's Advanced Section 106 course.